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  • Josh Lewis

Pithy Post: The Choice before Us

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Ever since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their party’s presidential nominations we have been inundated with some of the most bizarre and outlandish arguments in favor of the former over the latter. Conservatives have been asked by party officials and religious leaders to just accept that words like “conservative” or even “Christian” no longer mean what we understood them to mean in order to accommodate what could otherwise rightly be called abandoning conservative principles.

In an effort to legitimize one candidate over another some have remained shamefully and willfully ignorant of the plain and simple truths available to anyone who bothers to examine the choice before us. The choice before us is whether it is right or advantageous to support a dishonorable, bigoted conman advocating anti-Constitutional authoritarianism because you sincerely hope he’s not going to stab you in the back once you give him the reins of power over a decidedly liberal elitist with a long history of deception and corruption.

She is conniving; he is narcissistic. She masterfully conceals her machinations; he tells boldfaced lies publicly and frequently as if daring someone to call him out on it. She has vowed to continue the most abhorrent aspects of the Obama administration’s foreign and domestic policies; he has vowed to take us into the uncharted waters of authoritarian rule. She will stack the courts with liberals; he will stack the courts with cronyism and those who seek to expand the power of the executive branch. She sees the Constitution as an evolving document subject to the whims of liberal ideology; he has yet to say anything that would suggest he understands the limits it places on the president.

Let’s stop this foolishness of pretending as if either of them are anything better than what we know they are. Both are unfit, unsafe, unprincipled, and unworthy of the highest office. I don’t blame someone who feels compelled to support one because the other is unthinkable in their mind. Some of us find them both unthinkable.

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