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May 21, 2019

Politicians are fond of talking about “the people.”  But who are “the people”?  That might sound like a nonsensical question but—it turns out—there are a lot of presuppositions baked into the concept of “the people” and much of the divide between the Right and the Left begins here.  Identifying “the people” leads us to other important questions, such as: Who speaks on behalf of “the people”?  And what system of government or society can best repr...

November 16, 2018

“Conservatives are chastened by their principle of IMPERFECTABILITY.”  Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles

The title to this series—If Men Were Angels—comes from James Madison’s Federalist Paper #51:

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.  If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

Perhaps you may be thinking—thank you Captain Obvious.  Yet Madison’s words are far mo...

September 4, 2018

Has American politics always been this divisive?  Would you believe it was once much worse?

National Review columnist and visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Jay Cost joins us to discuss how a difference of opinion in the early days of the American republic led to a fight that can still be felt today.

Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton and James Madison went from being close allies to bitter political opponents shortly after the...

January 19, 2018

Original artwork by Marisa Draeger

This series began by observing the absurdities of North Korea’s official website, which claims:

“The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a genuine workers' state in which all the people are completely liberated from exploitation and oppression. The workers, peasants, soldiers and intellectuals are the true masters of their destiny and are in a unique position to defend their interests.”

We have come full circl...

January 12, 2018

Original artwork by Marisa Draeger

Politicians are fond of talking about “the people.” In Part 1 of this series I ended with two questions that must be answered before we can reasonably expect politicians to address the needs of “the people”: Namely, who, exactly, are “the people” (Part 2)? And who speaks on their behalf (Part 3)? Having addressed those questions in prior posts, we’re now in a better position to examine what system(s) of governmen...

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About Saving Elephants

Millennials defending and expressing conservative values.


Liberty has never been in a more precarious predicament.  As the Left sees a resurgence in socialism the Right is experiencing a rise in populism, nationalism, and authoritarianism.  Once the champions of conservative values, the Republican party is devolving into a group of self-serving career politicians with some even seeking to replace conservatism with blatant bigotry and reactionary fear.


If conservatism is to survive in the 21st century it will be up to Millennials.  How?  First by having a solid understanding of what it means to be a conservative and why that matters now more than ever.  And that's exactly what Saving Elephants is all about.  Here you will learn what values conservatives affirm and how conservatism differs from competing ideologies.  Only then will you be equipped to defend and express conservative values to a culture desperate for civil political dialogue, meaningful, vibrant communities, and purpose beyond material possessions.

It’s time the Republican party got back to its roots.  It’s time to re-ignite conservatism for Millennials!

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