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July 30, 2019

What are the prospects of the United States Supreme Court taking up an abortion-related case in the near future?  What methodologies do the justices use in deciding cases?  Why does President Trump pick his nominees for the Supreme Court from a list provided by the Federalist Society?  Who better to ask than Ilya Shapiro of the Federalist Society?  Shapiro came to Tulsa to deliver a lecture to the Tulsa Federalist Society and Saving Elephants hos...

July 26, 2019

Prior to classical liberalism, people living in Western societies were largely enslaved to the arbitrary powers of church and state.  Preferring order to anarchy, nation-states developed complex power structures where authority was divvyed between unelected and unaccountable monarchs and the priestly class.  This does not mean that all those in authority abused their power; but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine instances in which abuses transpired....

July 23, 2019

The following was written by guest blogger Justin Stapley.  His bio appears at the the end of the post.

Last month here at the Saving Elephants blog, my good friend Josh Lewis weighed in on the growing conflict among American conservatives over the continuing viability of classical liberal ideas.  I agree with many things in his piece.  Observers of this ever-increasing conflict might find it interesting to note that while Josh admits he is “compe...

July 19, 2019

Years ago, comedian and director Woody Allen had the legendary conservative icon William F. Buckley on his TV show.  The audience was invited to ask questions of either of them when someone asked: “Mr. Allen, in your terms, what does liberal mean?”  Woody Allen responded:

“Liberal [pause] well, you’ve got me on this [another pause] I, um, if—let me—if a girl will neck with me, she’s liberal.  If Mr. Buckley will neck with me, he’s very libera...

July 16, 2019

Saving Elephants has got your summer reading list covered!  In this episode Josh walks through classic, foundational books that every conservative should read, as well as some great books that speak to Millennials in particular.  Ranging from pithy and digestible to massive, complex, and dry, Josh gives a brief outline of the book and shares why it’s important to understanding conservatism.

While summer is traditionally reserved for light rea...

July 12, 2019

In Part 1, I tried to show how comparing and contrasting conservatism with liberalism is far more challenging than first meets the eye.  This is partially due to the difficulty in nailing down what we mean by “liberal”.  There are two variations of liberalism: progressives and Lockean or classical liberals.

In the parlance of our times, progressives are what we might call Leftists.  Progressives are concerned with equality and social justice...

July 5, 2019

When I shared with a friend that I was thinking about doing a series on how conservatism differs from liberalism they responded that should be easy enough since conservatism and liberalism were exact opposites.

If only.

Actually, the only true “opposite” to conservatism would be radicalism since where one aims to conserve while the other aims to demolish and what they aim to conserver/demolish is based entirely on the context of time, place, and cu...

July 2, 2019

“There are burglaries and heists and capers and robberies, but few thefts in history can match what Baby Boomers have done to Millennials since 2008: they stole their children’s economic futures right out from under them.”  So says Joseph Sternberg, editorialist and columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of the new book The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future.

One generation looking down on anot...

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Liberty has never been in a more precarious predicament.  As the Left sees a resurgence in socialism the Right is experiencing a rise in populism, nationalism, and authoritarianism.  Once the champions of conservative values, the Republican party is devolving into a group of self-serving career politicians with some even seeking to replace conservatism with blatant bigotry and reactionary fear.


If conservatism is to survive in the 21st century it will be up to Millennials.  How?  First by having a solid understanding of what it means to be a conservative and why that matters now more than ever.  And that's exactly what Saving Elephants is all about.  Here you will learn what values conservatives affirm and how conservatism differs from competing ideologies.  Only then will you be equipped to defend and express conservative values to a culture desperate for civil political dialogue, meaningful, vibrant communities, and purpose beyond material possessions.

It’s time the Republican party got back to its roots.  It’s time to re-ignite conservatism for Millennials!

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