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April 16, 2019

“Welcome to Conservative Minds – a podcast dedicated to examining conservative intellectual history to determine the core values of American conservatism.  What does it mean to call yourself a conservative?  What did it mean in prior times and how did we get where we are today?  We explore these questions and more by turning to conservative political thinkers from the past and present.  Each episode we select readings and conduct a discussion to...

April 5, 2019

This is just a brief note to let my loyal readers know I’ll be taking a break from my regular Friday blog posts through the month of April to refresh and refocus.  The podcast will still go out as scheduled and—come May—we should be back up and running with more great content.  Until then, enjoy the lovely weather everybody!


April 2, 2019

There are just two problems with social justice: it’s not social and it’s not justice.  So says Noah Rothman, Saving Elephants’ guest and author of the new book Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America.

Noah walks us through the evolution of the concept of justice in the West to show how some political activists (perhaps unwittingly) have twisted it.  Social justice may be well intentioned and be useful as a philosophical perspective.  B...

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About Saving Elephants

Millennials defending and expressing conservative values.


Liberty has never been in a more precarious predicament.  As the Left sees a resurgence in socialism the Right is experiencing a rise in populism, nationalism, and authoritarianism.  Once the champions of conservative values, the Republican party is devolving into a group of self-serving career politicians with some even seeking to replace conservatism with blatant bigotry and reactionary fear.


If conservatism is to survive in the 21st century it will be up to Millennials.  How?  First by having a solid understanding of what it means to be a conservative and why that matters now more than ever.  And that's exactly what Saving Elephants is all about.  Here you will learn what values conservatives affirm and how conservatism differs from competing ideologies.  Only then will you be equipped to defend and express conservative values to a culture desperate for civil political dialogue, meaningful, vibrant communities, and purpose beyond material possessions.

It’s time the Republican party got back to its roots.  It’s time to re-ignite conservatism for Millennials!

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