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Episode 71 – Exploring Burke with Wes Siler

The 18th century British statesman Edmund Burke is often credited as being the father of modern conservatism. His most famous work—Reflections on the Revolution in France—is heralded as the most eloquent counter-revolutionary political text ever written and lays much of the foundation for the conservative mindset of the West. Yet Burke is challenging to read and comprehend. His 18th century prose and deeply complex arguments seem otherworldly in an era of bumper-sticker political slogans and surface-level philosophy.

Russell Kirk—perhaps Burke’s greatest American disciple—wrote of Burke: “If conservatives would know what they defend, Burke is their touchstone; and if radicals wish to test the temper of their opposition, they should turn to Burke. Having done this, some conservatives may find that their previous footing was insecure; while some radicals may acknowledge that the position of traditionalists is tenable, or that Burke, too, was a liberal—if liberalism be in any degree associated with ordered freedom.”

In this episode, Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis is joined by Wes Siler to introduce the audience to Burke’s teachings and attempt to demystify his complex and foundational thoughts.

About Wes Siler

Wes Siler is the founder and Director of The Burkean Conservative, a website, social media presence, and video platform that produces content focused on educating and expanding the conservative movement on the basis of Edmund Burke's principles. You can follow The Burkean Conservative on Twitter @TheBurkeanCon

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