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Episode 52 – Departied with Bill Roberts

In Saving Elephants’ first ever cross-over podcast, Saving Elephants host is joined by Bill Roberts, host of the Departied podcast. Bill’s podcast delves into his decision to leave the Republican party amid his growing concerns with how the party’s values aligned with his Christian faith. Meanwhile, Josh, who is also a professing Christian, hosts a podcast that, while not religious in nature, encourages Millennials to work to restore a conservative framework to the GOP.

In their discussion, Josh and Bob share how their religious and political backgrounds shaped them and how their views changed over time. They discuss the limitations of the “lesser of two evils” method for deciding on a political candidate to support and how they applied this idea to the 2016 presidential election. Finally, they talk through what has changed in both the party and the Evangelical movement since the dawn of Trump and what the future may hold.

You can check out the Departied podcast by clicking on the logo below:

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