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Bonus Episode – JB Shreve Interviews Saving Elephants Host Josh Lewis

The tables are turned in this special bonus episode as Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis is the interviewee in a conversation that was originally included in The End of History podcast.

Podcaster JB Shreve conducted a series of interviews of Christians of various political persuasions to ask about their expectations and recommendations in the upcoming 2020 election. JB had invited Josh to join as the “conservative” participant in the interviews. The conversation includes exploring the influences and influencers that shaped Josh’s worldview, his political journey from the first presidential he voted in until today, and his thoughts on keeping one’s sanity in the 2020 race.

JB Shreve is the founder of The End of History, a blog and podcast for Christians dedicated to helping believers make sense of the chaos of the world around them. JB has been producing podcasts and articles since 2012.

After more than 200 podcast episodes, his listeners have come to expect well researched, fact-based backgrounders on a wide variety of topics to help them better understand the world around them. These backgrounders range from the history of the Middle East to the true story of economic inequality. Episodes and posts frequently expose myths and false paradigms we have come to believe. JB is adamant he is not pushing a political agenda. Rather, JB’s mission is to:

  • Help believers in crafting their own response to world affairs and current events

  • Provide a faith-based, values-centered voice in the face of current global issues

  • Ease the tension between a Biblical worldview and the world we live in

  • Provide reasonable, intelligent perspectives empowered with Biblical values and faith

  • Remove the yelling, outrage, and debate from our worldviews to find facts and seek the truth

You can learn more about JB’s work and podcast on his website, The End of History. JB can be found on Twitter @JB_Shreve

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