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Episode 19 - The Future of the GOP with Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

What challenges does the GOP face in attracting Millennials and younger Americans to the party? Has Trump permanently changed things? Are political parties even relevant anymore?

About Matt Pinnell

Who better to answer such questions than Matt Pinnell, who’s held high profile positions with both the state and national party? Matt Pinnell was elected Oklahoma’s 17th Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma in the 2018 midterm elections. But prior to winning elected office for himself, he was busy helping others do the same. Matt met Saving Elephants host Josh when he was managing the campaign for a candidate for Oklahoma Lt. Governor—which is, serendipitously, the office he has just been elected to.

But prior to entering political office himself, Matt was instrumental in helping the Republican party recruit, train, and run successful candidates. Matt took over as the Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party when Gary Jones left that position to run for State Auditor. At only 29 years old, Matt was the youngest leader of a state party in the country at the time. He continued the work Gary Jones had begun and oversaw the tremendous shift of power from Democrats to Republicans to the point where all 77 counties voted for the Republican candidate for president in 2008 and again in 2012—earning Oklahoma the title the “reddest state in the nation”.

Matt’s work received national attention and he was appointed by Reince Priebus with the RNC to oversee all Republican state parties. His title with the Republican National Committee was Director of State Parties, and he jokes he now has a doctorate in adult daycare.

With his relative youth, Matt has had a passion for involving young Americans in the political process and in sharing the values that conservatism can bring to the next generation of Republicans. Matt believes millennials are the most caring and purpose-driven generation to come along, and he’s excited about finding ways to tap into that positive energy to restore the republic.

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