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  • Josh Lewis

Short Sasse Sabbatical

Updated: May 25, 2020

I’m taking a break from the weekly blog posts for today to focus on some other things—including reading the latest book from the ubiquitous Senator Ben Sasse:

Hot off the presses from just last week—I’ve not yet had a chance to get through it. But what I’ve read so far is the sort of solid conservative yet non-abrasive message Sasse is famous for. In Them, Sasse argues that our current political crisis isn’t about politics but about something much deeper: alienation, loneliness, and the loss of communities that brought a hometown-gym-on-a-Friday-night feeling.

In the era of Trump tweets, it’s comforting to know we still have leaders out there who are willing to talk to us about the challenges we face like grown adults.

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