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125 – Braver Angels with Elizabeth Doll

In response to America’s rapidly polarizing political divide a number of organizations have developed to try and turn down the heat. Braver Angels is the nation’s largest movement dedicated to bridging the partisan gap. Their website boasts that they are “equally balanced between conservatives and progressives at every level of leadership”. Back in episode 118, Mónica Guzmán with Braver Angels joined Josh to discuss how we might develop our sense of curiosity to bridge the partisanships. Mónica comes from the Left. In this episode Josh welcomes Elizabeth Doll with Braver Angels who hails from the Right. They discuss how an older and younger Millennial might differ in their political memories, whether conservatives ought to be reactionaries, what the Left and Right frequently misunderstand about the “other side”, and a surprisingly unexpected dive into the vernacular of progressive America.

About Elizabeth Doll

From Braver Angels:

Elizabeth Doll joined Braver Angels in March 2022 as the Director of Braver Politics after four years of volunteering with the organization and many years working in politics in the Pacific Northwest. She began political work as a teen, when, while interning on a Congressional campaign, she became passionate about improving her community through civic engagement. Since then, Elizabeth has consulted for and worked on many state and local campaigns. She and her husband live on Bainbridge Island and when not engaged in politics, she enjoys photography, hiking, and horseback riding. You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter @doll_elizabeth

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