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114 – Are We Right? - Crossover Podcast

Earlier this summer, Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis joined three other veteran podcasters to launch a new show: Are We Right? Cal Davenport, Brooke Medina, and Calvin Moore, and Josh debate a wide range of topics from politics to religion to culture and invite the audience to weigh in on whether or not they’re right. A recent episode featured Calvin quizzing Josh and Cal on why they embrace a conservative worldview. And even though Cal and Josh are in violent agreement during much of the conversation, there’s plenty of nuance and jargon to satiate the politically curious listener. This conversation was quite apropos for the Saving Elephants project, so it is being re-podcast as a Saving Elephants episode.

Hosts of Are We Right?

Cal Davenport – Fellow Burkean conservative and co-host of his own podcast, In The Trenches, Cal brings a wealth of sobriety and insights far beyond his years.

Josh Lewis – Needs no introduction.

Calvin Moore – Veteran podcaster and host of the progressive Christian podcast What's Left to Say who keeps the conversation from succumbing to violent agreement by offering the progressive alternative.

Brooke Nicole – Vice President of Communications for the John Locke Foundation and eternal optimist in an age of despair, Brooke manages to keep the boys in line and shift the ridged, patriarchal structure of the show to a softer, joyful place.

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stither, Amazon, Audible, or wherever you listen, find us on Twitter @ TheAWRPodcast, and email us at

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