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100 – The Genius of Thomas Sowell with Alan Wolan

Saving Elephants officially hits 100 episodes! Host Josh Lewis is joined by Alan Wolan to discuss their mutual admiration for the writings and ideas of Thomas Sowell.

Thomas Sowell, along with Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, and William F. Buckley, comprise the Mt. Rushmore of thinkers who best exemplify the conservatism espoused by Saving Elephants. Sowell is an American economist, social theorist, and researcher whose nine decades of life and forty-five books covering topics as far reaching as social policy on race, ethnic groups, education, and decision-making, to classical and Marxian economics, to the problems of children perceived as having disabilities.

About Alan Wolan

Alan Wolan is a business owner, entrepreneur, investor, homeschool dad with five kids and host of The Genius of Thomas Sowell podcast, a venue for discussing the books and ideas of Thomas Sowell. That's it. Nothing else. You can check out a brief summary of Sowell prepared by Alan at

Alan earned his BA in Intellectual History from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA in Marketing from New York University. He lives in California. You can follow Alan on Twitter @AlanWolan



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