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Short Sasse Sabbatical

I’m taking a break from the weekly blog posts for today to focus on some other things—including reading the latest book from the ubiquitous Senator Ben Sasse: THEM: Why We Hate Each Other—And How to Heal Hot off the presses from just last week—I’ve not yet had a chance to get through it. But what I’ve read so far is the sort of solid conservative yet non-abrasive message Sasse is famous for. In Them, Sasse argues that our current political crisis isn’t about politics but about something much deeper: alienation, loneliness, and the loss of communities that brought a hometown-gym-on-a-Friday-night feeling. In the era of Trump tweets, it’s comforting to know we still have leaders out there wh

Resistance is NOT Futile – Part 4 (There’s No Place Like Home)

“Conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.” Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles I recall an old joke about two Russian neighbors living in the Soviet Union that lacked in humor what is made up for in insight: The first Russian asks his neighbor, “Comrade, if you had two million rubles, would you give me one million?” His neighbor responds, “Of course I would.” “And,” continued the first Russian, “if you had two trucks, would you allow me to use one?” His neighbor replied, “Comrade, why do you ask such things? You know we have all things in common. Of course, I would give you other truck.” Then he asks, “If you had two chickens woul

Episode 17 - Where do Conservatives Belong?

Beyond expressing and defending conservative values, part of Saving Elephant’s mission is to call out to those conservatives who no longer know where they belong. In a world where those on the Right are often characterized as populist Trumplicans against the Deep State, it can be challenging to know where you fit if you still believe in traditional conservatism. So, where does the conservative fit? What’s wrong with populism? What’s wrong with establishmentarianism? How do we rekindle that spirit of inquiry in a free republic? How do we take back the cultural heritage of debating ideas instead of mindlessly focusing on winning and juvenile social media posts? Bob Burch joins the podcast

Resistance is NOT Futile – Part 3 (Involuntary Assimilation)

“Conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.” Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles Conservatives are promoters of the rights of the individual while also recognizing a higher moral order such as Judeo-Christian teachings or some philosophical understanding of moral law. The individual is not supreme in the conservative’s worldview, but the rights of the individual are superior to the whims and desires of any group of individuals. But that does not mean conservatives see individualism as somehow opposed to community. “Individualism is not the opposite of community, it is in fact a principal for organizing community,” noted the blog Philoso

Resistance is NOT Futile – Part 2 (Welcome to the Collective)

“Conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.” Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles Genuine community emerges locally and voluntarily. A community may include some local political bodies, private associations, guilds, or families that enforce certain rules. A community may have members who don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of those rules yet, nevertheless, willingly submit to them out of a belief that they’re better off following rules they don’t particularly approve of than creating their own “rules” and risk alienation from the community. A child may not be particularly fond of the bedtime his parents have set for him, but that h

Episode 16 - Prolife Matters with Kerry Baldwin - Part 2

Continuing our discussion with Kerry Baldwin, we cover a wide array of prolife issues such as: how does poverty play a role in the abortion debate, and what might we do to reduce the death toll through better economics? Does a woman have a right to an abortion? Are personhood laws the answer the prolife movement has been looking for? And what can you practically do to impact the prevalence of abortions? The abortion debate is one that often evokes knee-jerk reactions. For some, it is THE issue that defines their political biases. It’s paradoxically of the utmost importance but extremely difficult to have an in-depth, frank discussion about a matter that excites such passions and deep co