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Featuring original content on classical conservatism, current affairs, and everything in-between, these weekly blog posts will illustrate how the wisdom of the past can be applied to the challenges of today.  The blog is organized by the following categories: Conservative Values (taking a deep dive into specific conservative ideas), Competing Worldviews (comparing and contrasting conservatism with other worldviews), Trumpism (posts related to the Trump phenomenon), Elections (observations on upcoming and past elections), and Cornucopia (posts that don't fit in the previous categories).

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How Valuable are Your Values? – Part 2

Original artwork by Marisa Draeger When something loses its function it can be difficult to maintain, even when people believe it is important to be maintained. Many bemoaned the demise of the Mom-and-Pop general store when retailers such as Wal-Mart put them out of business. What industrious virtue those tiny incubators of community bestowed upon the rest of us! How tragic that they’ve been replaced by the mindless, corporate gods of greed and consumption! And yet… And yet, somehow these stores—which so many argued were far superior in so many ways to the corporate giants—went out of business. Why? I contend it is because the function they served in our daily lives—that of providing gr

How Valuable are Your Values? – Part 1

Original artwork by Marisa Draeger Part of my motivation for launching Saving Elephants was the 2016 Republican presidential primary. Prior to the election, I believed the greatest risk for the long-term viability of the conservative movement to be the ability of the Republican party—the primary vehicle for instituting conservative policies—to survive the rapidly changing demographics in the United States. I was only half kidding when I’d tell people I could lower the median age of local Republican gatherings just by showing. I believed then—as I do now—that unless the GOP can find a way to appeal to Millennials they won’t be a viable party much longer. And since we Millennials are the m

Bonus Episode - Is Taxation Theft?

It's tax day! The least wonderful time of the year. So Let’s talk about the taxes you pay. What does conservatism tell us about taxes? Is taxation theft? Can we ever get rid of taxes? What did Arthur Laffer draw on a paper napkin that shaped tax policy for decades? How can we keep taxes direct, transparent, equal, and proportional? Does it ever make sense to raise taxes? All that and more on Saving Elephant's first ever bonus episode: LISTEN HERE #tax #taxationistheft #GroverNorquist #TheLafferCurve #taxes #taxcuts

Episode 4 - Russell Kirk's 10 Conservative Principles Part 1

In the 1950s, Russell Kirk almost single-handedly rescued conservative thought from oblivion and made it a force to be reckoned with again by writing The Conservative Mind. Since his intended audience was academia, much of his tome is a rather dense and difficult read. But that's what we're here for--to make highbrow conservative thought easily accessible and applicable for you. Kirk later summarized his basic arguments in the book into a list of Ten Conservative Principles. In today's podcast we'll be exploring the first five of those principles. LISTEN HERE #RussellKirk #10conservativeprinciples #TheConservativeMind #1anenduringmoralorder #3PrincipleofPrescription #4PrincipleofPrudence

Judge Not!

Note – Most of the post below is comprised of variations of quotes I’ve seen on social media. In many cases, only the names/subjects have been altered for maximum irony. Since the focus of this blog is the restoration of the conservative worldview in the Republican party, I don’t often digress into my religious convictions. But, as a practicing evangelical Christian, I have been appalled at a certain political trend within the American evangelical community that I strongly feel compelled to address. I dare not keep silent any longer for fear I’d be guilty of acquiescing to this sacrilegious behavior. I’m speaking, of course, of those believers who disobey Christ’s command to “judge not” b

Bias isn’t Just a Four-Letter Word – Part 3

Original artwork by Marisa Draeger “The conservative adheres to CUSTOM, CONVENTION, and CONTINUITY.” Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles* In Part 1 of this series we discussed the image problem conservatives have among a diverse generation of Millennials. Conservatives mean to conserve biases of the past; unfortunately, bias has become a four-letter word. In Part 2 we explored how unhealthy culture and crumbling institutions leads to unhappiness. If you’re reading this series for the first time, be sure and check out Part 1 and Part 2. We might think of culture as a tool, but not just any tool—it’s not a hammer or a screwdriver; it’s a nail gun or a power drill. Properly used, the imm

Episode 3 - What Conservatism (Actually) Means

It turns out the meaning of "conservatism" isn't just up for grabs. Here we'll learn what conservatism actually means by exploring the writings of old, dead, white guys like Burke, Kirk, Goldwater, and Buckley. And we'll discuss the three worldviews (economic, foreign policy, and social) that merged to form modern conservatism. LISTEN HERE