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Featuring original content on classical conservatism, current affairs, and everything in-between, these weekly blog posts will illustrate how the wisdom of the past can be applied to the challenges of today.  The blog is organized by the following categories: Conservative Values (taking a deep dive into specific conservative ideas), Competing Worldviews (comparing and contrasting conservatism with other worldviews), Trumpism (posts related to the Trump phenomenon), Elections (observations on upcoming and past elections), and Cornucopia (posts that don't fit in the previous categories).

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Repost: Restoring the Constitution

"From members of Congress more concerned about reelection than debating the real problems to a president espousing post-constitutional ideas, Americans need a renewed understanding of the Constitution. Senator Sasse discusses the issues plaguing Congress and how the current president ignores the Constitution when it suits him. However serious the challenges that America is facing, Senator Sasse believes it is not too late to restore the Constitution and thus Congress."

“Conservative” – You Keep Using That Word…

…I do not think it means what you think it means. Thus the immortal words of Inigo Montoya begat a popular meme used to call out someone else’s incorrect use of a word or phrase. And well it should; words mean things. At least they should be allowed to mean things if we hope to get on in life. When words or ideas are assigned meanings contrary to their original definition chaos ensues. This is particularly problematic of ideologies, worldviews, and religions where descriptions are complex and easily misunderstood. Nowhere is that more apparent than in efforts to apply the word “conservative” to the ideas expressed by president-elect Donald Trump. In a later post I hope to explore what T