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Why I’m Not Voting for Gary Johnson (or Anyone Else)

Follow a Facebook post bemoaning the choice before us this November and someone will inevitably offer Gary Johnson as a sensible alternative to the madness. The idea is tempting for those of us who can’t stomach Trump or Clinton. Why compromise your standards? Vote third party! Vote Gary Johnson! For the first time since I have been eligible, I will not be voting in the presidential race come November; not for Trump, not for Clinton, and not for Johnson. I have been asked why I take such a seemingly purist stance and, since I’ve spent ample time explaining my position on Trump and Clinton, I’d like to turn my attention to Johnson. My hope in writing isn’t to tell people how to vote—noth

Repost: How Would a President Trump or Clinton Govern?

Ben Shapiro recently offered some insightful thoughts in his National Review article on how a potential president Trump or Clinton may govern. While purely speculative, by focusing on what each candidate has repeatedly demonstrated they believe about the office they're running for we can draw some reasonable predictions.