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Featuring original content on classical conservatism, current affairs, and everything in-between, these weekly blog posts will illustrate how the wisdom of the past can be applied to the challenges of today.  The blog is organized by the following categories: Conservative Values (taking a deep dive into specific conservative ideas), Competing Worldviews (comparing and contrasting conservatism with other worldviews), Trumpism (posts related to the Trump phenomenon), Elections (observations on upcoming and past elections), and Cornucopia (posts that don't fit in the previous categories).

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Pithy Post: The System and the Soul

We are an increasingly divided nation. Americans continue to give conflicting visions at the ballot box of which direction the country should be headed. The two candidates for president seem to represent the more extreme versions of status quo (Clinton) or “let’s burn this place down” (Trump). Neither candidate has a popular mandate. In fact, Americans’ distaste of both party’s candidates is record breaking. How then did we end up here? Giving credit where credit's due it’s fair to say Trump has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to connect with a minority within the Republican party that feels—right or wrong—their voice hasn’t been heard by the party establishment. In an unus

Pithy Post: The Flight 93 Election Repost

Earlier this month an unidentified Trump supporter posted on what may very well be the first intellectual defense of Donald Trump’s espoused ideology (at least to the extent it can be discerned given Mr. Trump’s tendency to frequently contradict himself). The piece in question, entitled The Flight 93 Election, gained notoriety when talk radio host Rush Limbaugh made a great to do over it in his September 7th radio address. Limbaugh, who generally steers clear of intelligentsia conversations and writings, referred to the piece as a “home run” with “every paragraph.” Articulating and justifying Trumpism would be akin to laying out the intellectual framework for Will Ferrell’s i

Pithy Post: The Rise of the Millennials and the New Right

Now that we Millennials have officially surpassed the Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation, the internet is abuzz with predictions of how this will impact everything from marketing trends to transportation. And, of course, how this will impact conservatism and the future of the Republican party. While I’m generally chary to make grandiose predictions about the future, it does not currently look good for those of us who believe in the traditional conservatism espoused on this blog, or especially the rapidly aging and increasingly out-of-touch Republican party. While the great hope is that the party would learn to reinvigorate the message of conservatism that’s worked in the past, th

What Conservatives Believe: The Heart of the Matter

“The conservative believes that there exists an ENDURING MORAL ORDER. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent.” Russell Kirk – Ten Conservative Principles* If there is one principle of primary importance to the conservative—a principle which distinguishes conservatism from most competing ideologies—it is this: the conservative believes in Natural Law, the existence of unchanging moral principles as a basis for all human conduct, so that the aim of conservatism is to express our understanding of Natural Law through inferior manmade laws. Natural Law: The Heart of the Matter Just what is Natural Law? It is the idea that

Pithy Post: The Choice before Us

Ever since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their party’s presidential nominations we have been inundated with some of the most bizarre and outlandish arguments in favor of the former over the latter. Conservatives have been asked by party officials and religious leaders to just accept that words like “conservative” or even “Christian” no longer mean what we understood them to mean in order to accommodate what could otherwise rightly be called abandoning conservative principles. In an effort to legitimize one candidate over another some have remained shamefully and willfully ignorant of the plain and simple truths available to anyone who bothers to examine the choice before us. The cho