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Millennials Re-igniting Conservatism

Conservatism is applying the wisdom of the past to the challenges of today.


Conservatism is conserving the things that most matter.

Conservatism is an attitude of gratitude.

But how do we know what wisdom to apply?  How do we recognize what matters most?  What should we be grateful for?

These are precisely the questions conservative thinkers have wrestled with from ancient times through today.  And exploring what they have to teach us is what Saving Elephants is all about.

But we Millennials live in an era where the word conservative is often hijacked by populist nationalism, the alt-right, and a cult of personality that surrounds Donald Trump, all of which care less about conservative principles than a vague notion of winning.  While there may be some value in scoring political points over your opponents, most Millennials recognize this does little to address pressing concerns of the loneliness epidemic and loss of genuine community, a rapidly changing job market that threatens our ability to earn a living, nearly insurmountable debt, growing polarization, and political institutions that seem ill-equipped to handle these challenges and more.

If conservatism is to survive in the 21st century it will be up to Millennials.  How?  First by having a solid understanding of what it means to be a conservative and why that matters now more than ever.  Here you will learn what values conservatives affirm and how conservatism differs from competing worldviews.  You'll be introduced to the depth and abundance of conservative ideas and thinkers given in mercifully understandable presentations.  Only then will you be equipped to defend and express conservative values to a culture desperate for civil political dialogue, meaningful, vibrant communities, and purpose beyond material possessions.

It’s time the Republican party got back to its roots.  It’s time to re-ignite conservatism!

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